Åkes' Interspiro DCSC teardown Pictures

The Interspiro Demand Controlled Semi Closed Rebreather, DCSC,  is a demand controlled semi closed rebreather intended for mine clearance use.

For more technical information on the unit look at the DCSC page and overview pictures see the DCSC picture page.

A lot of work still remains before this is a tear down page worth its name.  Anyway, I choose to show a few design highlights while preparing the real page....

The regulator cover which holds the main pneumatics lid, the heart of the DCSC. It is reasonably complicated but it has a very good track record. 

The cover holds all the pneumatics described on the at the DCSC technical page.

In the top of the picture behind the cover the bypass lever is seen and the connector to the dosage chamber (also behind the cover) is seen to the left. The square block to the left (on the cover) is the dosage regulator. The black plate in the middle it the warning lid that provides inspiratory breathing resistance in case of loss of dosage or other failure. To the right the high pressure regulator, below that the low pressure regulator. down to the left are the hydrostatic valve and warning pneumatics.

The soda lime canister. A radial flow design. It is a cartridge that is loaded with about 2.7 kg of soda lime.
The breathing bellows, gas in/outlet to the right, this is where the bellows connects to the canister housing.
Close up of the counter weight on the breathing bellows
Control of the dosage pressures, at minimum volume the dosage pressure shall be at its highest - 3 bar over ambient. For more info on the dosage mechanism see the DCSC dosage clarification page
Control of the dosage pressures, at maximum volume the dosage pressure shall be at its lowest - 1.3 bar over ambient

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